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Welcome to GA Tattoo, where we take tattoos seriously as an integral part of life. We are a well-established tattoo parlor serving the residents of Tolleson, AZ, plus the nearby cities of Tempe, Phoenix, Laveen, and Buckeye. Since inception, we have not only maintained high standards but perfected our services into an exact science and art in the quest to serve you better. Our services speak for themselves. And that is why if you want to find a tattoo artist, chances are you will be directed to our parlor. We take appointments in case you need service, but we also allow walk-ins. Among our wide repertoire of skills are celebrated portrait tattoos and lettering tattoos that are unmatched and unrivaled anywhere else.

Many of the clients who walk through our doors request portrait tattoos, and so we have upped our game over the years to provide top-notch jobs. GA Tattoo artists know perfectly well that you would want your tattoo to look exactly like the person it was intended to look like. This is why we derive inspiration from our vast experience to create tattoos that have an uncanny resemblance to the real person. Our tattoo maestros will immortalize your loved one, favorite musician or actor, or even a historical figure you admire with a pinpoint accuracy and artistic resemblance that will leave you speechless. Check out our website www.grandavenuetattoo.com  for amazing examples of our tattoo projects. 

If you need to find a tattoo artist that won't disappoint in Tolleson, AZ, you don't need to look any further than GA Tattoo. We are a tattoo parlor with a difference when it comes to granting your wish. With nearly 10 years’ experience, it is no wonder we are the parlor of choice in the nearby locations of Tempe, Phoenix, Laveen, and Buckeye. We observe the strictest sanitary and cleanliness conditions to match your high standards of hygiene. When you outgrow a tattoo or find that it doesn't excite you anymore, or you just went to the wrong tattoo artist, we are more than qualified and happy to provide excellent tattoo cover up services that will leave you satisfied. If you have been meaning to have that tattoo, what are you waiting for? Call us today and well make it happen.